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the Museum of "The sanctity of the homeland"

       On October 6, 2014, together with the "Halk Hakydasy" memorial complex, the Museum of "The sanctity of the homeland" of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan was opened for use by our Hero Arkadag. The museum half-building is in the shape of a half-moon and on its outer wall bronze reliefs depict the historical information of the Turkmen people. The museum collection shows the types of exhibits related to the buildings of Ashgabat in different periods, the years of independence and information about them. Memorial complex was built in a modern style. This museum makes a great impression on our regular visiting citizens and guests, also has impact on understanding the young generation an insight into the spirit of patriotism. Information about the appearance of Ashgabat and buildings associated with the years of independence is installed on the wall, monitors and a holographic device in the sections of the museum.

       On the night of October 5-6, 1948, a 9 point earthquake occurred at 1 hour and 12 minutes. 176 thousand people out of 198 thousand people, who are living in the capital died in this natural disaster. The exhibition shows the moments after the earthquake: the Magtymguly Opera and Ballet Theater of Ashgabat, the Institute of Education named after Gorky, the Railway station, the building of the Museum of Country Studies and the Seyitjemalletdin mosque in Anew.

       On the wall are shown photographs before the earthquake in Ashgabat. Railway Authority, Oil and Gas Authority, 12th High School, Magtymguly Avenue, a map of Ashgabat city and adjacent villages, a population list of Ashgabat city between 1939 and 1948 are shown.

       In the next part you can see Magtymguly Avenue, Music school, (the former form of the Turkmen state special music school named after D. Ovezov ), pictures of cinemas, circuses and theaters. Also the walls of Ashgabat city before and after the earthquake are shown through official photographs. Photographs of other fraternal people who came to Ashgabat for special assistance are placed in the final form of the wall. In addition to these, in the department, you can see the exhibits and video images of various beautiful buildings built in the years of independence of Ashgabat on monitors. 3D photos of hotels, ministries, community organizations, medical buildings and sports facilities are even more attractive. There are also opportunities to listen the information about these exhibits through an audio guide in different languages.

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